Top 5 Health Benefits Of Getting Cheap Dental Implant Melbourne

cheap dental implants MelbournePlanning for getting a dental implant? Then you’re in the right path! A Dental implant is not only for replacing the missing teeth but also they have many health benefits too! In this blog, we’ve listed the top 5 health benefits of cheap dental implants Melbourne. Before that let us know what dental implant is? 

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is surgically anchored into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth.  A dental implant restores the loss of tooth and give a looks, make to feels, fits and functions like a natural tooth, when it implanted by an experienced implant dentist .Okay now, let us discusses the benefits of getting implant treatment!

Top 5 health benefits of dental implants

•    Guard Your Healthy Jaw Bone

•    Eat What You Like

•    No Painful Oral Sores

•    Natural Dental Hygiene

•    Confidence in Your Smile

Guard Your Healthy Jaw Bone

When you lose your tooth, definitely you lose your confident smile and have support less jawbone. To protect your healthy bone, contact your dentist and have a dental implant treatment as soon as possible. The dental implant is the only cosmetic treatment which gives back your tooth’s root and its crown. It keeps your jawbone sturdy and healthy over time. Usually the dental implant treatments is expensive but do the research and consult the dentist who offers cheapest dental implants cost in Melbourne and keep your jaw bone healthy.

Eat What You Like

Missing teeth and a loose or ill-fitting denture leads difficulty to eat what we like. But now it’s not a problem! Don’t hesitate to bite into a fresh apple, and eat corn right off the cob because it’s all possible with the stability provided by dental implants!

No Painful Oral Sores

Dentures that doesn’t fit quite right, often cause problem like, sore spots and feel uncomfortable. And this oral health can also increase the risk of infection and also host serious health condition.  Don’t forget to follow regular follow-up to ensure speedy recovery and to be free from oral sores.

Natural Dental Hygiene

Strong and stable!! Dental implants allow you to maintain the natural shape of your face smile and your oral hygiene. After the treatment if you regularly Brush, floss and care for teeth that have been replaced using dental implants, your dental hygiene will be perfect forever.

Confidence in Your Smile

Here is the final health benefit of dental implant, i.e., Smile!!  With dental implants, you can deserve to live the life to its fullest, even after tooth loss

Request An Appointment Today!

Are you interested in learning more about the health benefits of dental implants? Or perhaps you’d like to begin your treatment, visit your nearby dentist and discuss the cost of dental implants Melbourne to start your treatment. Good Luck!!


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Steps Involved in Cheap Dental Implants in Melbourne

Cheap Dental Implants in Melbourne

So, you are getting ready for dental implants. That’s great! But, how familiar are you with the procedure involved in dental implants? Surprisingly, some may be aware of it & some may not. For those who are not conversant with the procedure involved in cheap dental implants in Melbourne, this blog will provide you an insight on dental implants.

Let’s take a glance on the procedure involved in dental implants.

Procedure for Cheap Dental Implants in Melbourne:

1. It begins with removing damaged teeth.

2. Patients are getting ready for bone grafting just to prepare the jawbone to proceed with surgery.

3. Surgeon places dental implant metal post in the jawbone, once your jawbone is healed from the damage.

4. You need to go through a healing period after fixing metal post that lasts several months.

5. Surgeon places abutment as the extension of implant metal post.

6. Surgeon will make moulds of your teeth while your soft tissue heals.

7. At the end of the process, surgeon places the final artificial tooth or teeth.

8. The entire process typically takes months from start to finish, as a significant time is required for the new bone to grow.

Placing the Dental Implant

Surgeon begins the dental implants procedure by cutting the spot to open the gum & expose the bone. The area is drilled into the bone to place metal post inside. Surgeon makes sure the holes are drilled deep enough to place the metal post as it is going to work as the tooth root.

Even after placing metal post in the bone, the tooth is still missing. This is when a partial or temporary denture will be placed. You can easily remove the denture anytime for cleaning or while sleeping.

Choosing Your New Artificial Teeth

You have two options in choosing the right artificial teeth for you. You or your dentists can choose either removable, fixed or combination of both. You can consult with a dentist about dental implants cost in Melbourne.


As the name suggests, it can be easily removed by you, which is similar to conventional removable denture. It looks as natural white teeth surrounded by pink plastic gum. It can be easily removed for repair and daily cleaning.


Another type of artificial teeth is fixed teeth, which doesn’t allow you to remove it for cleaning. You can opt this to replace several missing teeth in this way, if affordability is not a big concern. You can get fixed with a set of teeth by one implant if they are bridged together.

After The Procedure

No matter whether you are going through one stage process or multiple stages, you will be confronting with some difficulties based on the type of dental surgery you had. Some difficulties include the following:

– Swelling on your gums and face

– Bruising skin and gums

– Pain at the surgical site

– Minor bleeding

Anyone who feels discomfort with damaged teeth can contact a dentist, as the cost of dental implants in Melbourne is very reasonable. After the procedure is done with, you may need to eat soft food while implant site heals. Contact your dentist, if you confront swelling or discomfort caused by implant surgery.

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An Ultimate Guide to the Average Cost of Dental Implants in Melbourne

cost of dental implants in MelbourneAs we age, missing teeth becomes increasingly common and most of the times at least one tooth by the time they are 50. Previously, dentures has been regarded as the best tool for replacing missing teeth, but the advancement of dental implants have given people other desirable option.This is because, dental implant looks and feels more like natural teeth and if cared properly can last long for more than 25 or 30 years. Many people refuse to get implant procedure due to the high cost of dental implants in Melbourne.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are nothing but frames that are surgically mounted into your jawbones underneath the gums. These frames are used as the base to install artificial replacement teeth. You can get these replacement crowns in different types of materials such as stainless steel, gold, silver, and more. But, dental implants made of titanium looks much better than crowns and do not stain or broke. 

Different Types of Dental Implants

Dental implants in Melbourne are divided into two main categories,

•    Subperiosteal Implants

•    Endosteal Implants

Subperiosteal Implants

Subperiosteal implants are nothing but the metal frames that are inserted into the jawbone below the gum tissue. As the gum heals, the frame becomes more adjacent and stable. Artificial teeth are mounted on to the frames through the posts attached to it. This procedure is considered to be less painful and have low dental implants cost in Melbourne compared to other teeth replacement techniques.

Endosteal Implants

Endosteal type of implants is surgically placed into the jawbone and the artificial teeth are mounted over the frames through posts attached to it. After the gum has healed, a second surgery is needed to ensure correct positioning.

Tips to Take Care of Dental Implants

Each patient is different and they have different healing time. But, by following some basic guidelines proper healing takes place and the lifetime of your implants is prolonged.

Prevent Infections

After an implant surgery, make sure that you don’t get dental infection, which is the main cause for implant failure. Encourage healing within the site and keep infections away by taking in the right antibiotics prescribed by the dentists.


Eat Wisely

Make sure that you don’t return back to the normal eating habit right after the surgery. Increase your water intake because proper hydration will help you heal quickly and prevents problems with the healing process like dry mouth.

Oral Hygiene

Keep the surgical area clean and neat by brushing regularly and rinsing the site with lukewarm water. Use a specific dental routine to and switch to certain specialised dental tools to take proper care of your implants.

Be a Good Candidate for Dental Implants

Following are the required characteristics of good candidates for dental implants.

•    Have one or more missing teeth

•    Have a fully grown jawbone

•    Should have adequate bone density

•    Good health condition that encourages bone growth

Do you have the above requirements? Then, you are the good candidate for dental implants in Melbourne. Visit to find cheap dental implants in Melbourne.


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Dental Implants – 4 Commonly Asked Questions, Answered

dental implants cost in Melbourne
1. What are Dental Implants?
Dental implants are the artificial roots fixed to your gums to attach the new artificial tooth or crown. Dental implants surgery involves the use of two components such as Root and Crown.
Root: They are below the gum line and enclosed inside the bone.
Crown: They can be seen above the surface of the gum.
These dental implants are often made of titanium since they have high biocompatibility and bonding ability with the jawbone. They are surgically placed into your jawbone, and then the crowns or the false tooth is attached to your implant. This new replacement tooth feels and looks like a natural tooth. It is the best alternative that can improve your dental health and increase the quality of your life.
2. What to expect for Dental Implants Procedure?
Preparation: Your dentist will examine your dental health, jawbones, and gum, and determine whether you are a good candidate for dental implants procedure or not. This will include x-rays for your teeth, jaw, and head.
Phase 1: Using local anesthesia or sedation, your dentist will place the implants in your jawbone. Then the surgical site is allowed to heal for over three to six months.
Phase 2: Once the complete healing takes place, the crown or abutment is placed as an extension of your implant that connects artificial tooth to the root.
3. Do Dental Implants Hurt?
Most patients have the fear to undergo cheap dental implant treatment in Melbourne thinking that it is much painful. But, the dentist will offer both sedation dentistry and local anesthesia for the patients, depending on the pain tolerance capacity and how much they are worried about the procedure.
Common dental implants post-surgery symptoms may include the following:
•    Minor bleeding
•    Swelling of your face and teeth gums
•    Bruising of your teeth gums and skin
•    Little pain at the dental implant surgical site
Patients are advised to have only soft foods for nearly two weeks after the dental implants surgery for the fast recovery of your gum.
4. What are the factors that affect the cost of dental implants in Melbourne?
Patients who lost tooth due to severe tooth decay, gum disease or trauma will be curious about the cost of dental implants in Melbourne. Dental implants cost will vary from dentist to dentist and even from one location to the other. Few factors that affect the dental implants cost in Melbourne are mentioned below:
•    Dental Implant material
•    Brand of the Implant
•    Type of post, abutment and crown
•    Number of implants
•    Healing time the dental implant surgery
•    The popularity of your dental surgeon
•    The geographical location of the dental clinic
•    The necessity of dental procedure, such as sinus elevation, bone grafting, etc.
These are the factors that may affect the cost of your dental implants procedure.
A Little about Dental Implant Melbourne:
Experienced and skilled surgeons at Dental Implant Professionals go to great lengths to ensure that you are happy with the results of your dental implant treatment, so that you can feel more confident and secure about yourself without feeling conscious about your missing tooth/teeth. To know more about best dental implants in Melbourne, visit or call 1300 320 881
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Top 5 Dental Implant Mistakes

dental implants in Melbourne
Have you lost a tooth? You should seriously consider getting a teeth replacement. Because other than affecting your appearance, missing teeth can also lower your self-confidence, personality and are not good for your oral health. Dental implants in Melbourne are a formidable teeth replacement option as they are fixed deep into the jawbone. They also perfectly imitate the look and the functioning of your original teeth. However, you should avoid certain mistakes while having dental implants or face devastating consequences as discussed here,
•    Choosing an inexperienced dentist
Not all dentists can perform a tricky surgery like dental implants. You cannot approach a general practitioner who performs your regular cleanings and check-ups for fixing dental implants in Melbourne. Only dentists with advanced training in dentistry like the oral surgeons, periodontists or prosthodontists are capable of this task. Take your time and research well so that you would find the right dentist with the required set of skill and expertise.
•    Not checking if you are a suitable candidate
Dental implant candidacy is based on various factors like medical conditions and lifestyle. Make sure that you are fit and have the adequate dental structure for the surgery. If the dental implant surgery is performed on those who don’t fit the right criteria, then it could result in implant failure. So approach 2-4 dentists to confirm if you can have dental implants. Even if you are not a candidate, your dentist can help you receive implants by performing auxiliary techniques like bone grafts in most cases. But sometimes, you need to make some serious lifestyle changes like quitting personal habits and taking persistence care of your oral hygiene.
•    Dental tourism
This means travelling to a foreign country to receive dental care at a cheaper price. Many people consider getting dental implants overseas in order to save some money. Also, various travelling agencies offer attractive packages that combine dental treatment with exotic vacations. But think twice before falling for overtures that sound too good to be true. You cannot know about the quality of service you would receive over there. On the other hand, dental implant cost in Melbourne might be higher. But at least you do not have to worry about the quality of care and materials.
•    Disregarding the after-care instructions
The dental implants need time to heal and you would be asked to rest properly before resuming your regular activities. During the healing period, you need to avoid certain foods, smoking and drinking. Also, it is mandatory to maintain proper oral hygiene. Otherwise, the wounds would not heal faster. Additionally, lack of care could cause infection, which can severely affect the implants.
Avoid committing these mistakes if you want to get your natural smile back.
A Little about Dental Implant Melbourne:
Experienced and skilled surgeons at Dental Implant Professionals go to great lengths to ensure that you are happy with the results of your dental implant treatment, so that you can feel more confident and secure about yourself without feeling conscious about your missing tooth/teeth. To know more about best dental implants in Melbourne, visit or call 1300 320 881
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Tips to Spend Less on Dental Implants

cost of dental implants in MelbourneThe most common methods of teeth replacement are fixed bridges, dentures and dental implants. Out of them, only dental implants do a complete job by providing both the visible part of the lost tooth and its root. But, Dental implant procedures are more complex and physically demanding. Because of this, the dental implants in Melbourne cost more than the other options.  However, the various advantages of having the implants are worth the time and the money put into it,
•    They can last longer than the other teeth replacement methods. With proper maintenance, they can last a lifetime.
•    They offer a more natural looking smile
•    They allow you to chew your food properly so that you do not have to compromise your diet after missing your teeth. Hence, they do not affect your diet.
•    They are easy to maintain
However, not all people can afford the higher initial cost of dental implants in Melbourne. But it is possible to reduce the overall cost if you follow some steps. They are discussed here,
•    Rate comparison
It is important to consult many dental clinics and get quotes. Make sure that the quote includes all the relevant aspects of the treatment like consultation charges, imaging, anaesthesia, modelling, surgery, materials etc. and additional procedures(if needed) such as sinus lifts and bone grafts. By comparing the quotes, you can choose the dentist who offers more affordable dental implants in Melbourne without any dispute in the quality.
•    Choosing the right location
Clinics located in the urban areas tend to charge more than the clinics located in the suburbs. This is because the cost of maintaining a clinic in a metropolitan is significantly higher. As such, getting treated in a less popular location can fetch you a lesser price.
•    Visiting dental schools
Dental schools often conduct dental programs so that the students can gain more practical experience. Experienced surgeons would accompany the students to monitor the whole process. This might suit the persons who do not care about the lack of expertise.
•    Insurance policies
Dental implants in Melbourne are often regarded as a cosmetic procedure and are not covered by most of the insurance plans. But in some cases when they become necessary to restore the oral functions of a patient, a part of which would be paid by the insurance company.
•    Financing options
At most clinics, you can get the surgery done initially and pay for it later in monthly instalments with interests.
•    Dental plans
By becoming a member of discount dental plans, you can save thousands of dollars in dental implants.
These ways make the dental implants relatively cheaper for people who cannot afford them otherwise.
A Little about Dental Implant Melbourne:
Experienced and skilled surgeons at Dental Implant Professionals go to great lengths to ensure that you are happy with the results of your dental implant treatment, so that you can feel more confident and secure about yourself without feeling conscious about your missing tooth/teeth. To know more about best dental implants in Melbourne, visit or call 1300 320 881
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Can Diabetic Patients Be Suitable Candidates For Dental Implants?

cost of dental implants in MelbourneDental implants are considered as the most viable and comfortable option for replacing the missing tooth. To be eligible for the treatment, patients must have overall good oral hygiene and sufficient jaw bone to support the implants. While discussing dental implants and affordable cost of dental implants in Melbourne, one common question that arises is about the ability of diabetic patients to avail the treatment.

Oral health in Diabetic Patients

Over 1.7 million Australians suffer from either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. Patients with uncontrolled diabetes are a higher risk of gum disease. The gum disease when left untreated can result in periodontitis – a more advanced condition where the gums pull away, the bones begin to deteriorate and the affected tooth is ultimately lost. So, the chance of diabetic patients losing a tooth or two is high and these patients saving up to pay dental implants cost in Melbourne is normal.

Can diabetic patients avail dental implants treatment successfully?

Since incidence of tooth loss is high in diabetic patients and dental implants are considered the most reliable treatment option, patients automatically gyrate towards dental clinics offering an affordable cost for dental implants in Melbourne. With advancement in dental science and diabetic control programs, experienced dentists can make this connection a successful one. The key lies in choosing the best dentist to work with and in understanding the possible risks of treatment.

Diabetes and Dental Implant Risks

The inflammatory response of human body is altered when glucose level goes up. The recovery time in diabetic patients is much higher than in normal individuals. Generally, when the implant is fixed to the jaw, the tissues surrounding the implant begin to grow towards the implants and finally fuse together to hold it steadily. The time take for this process is between 6-8 weeks. In diabetic patients, the process can be prolonged to almost 10-12 months (can vary based on overall health of patient and his lifestyle). During recovery process, patients are at a high risk of infection. Also, the chances of implant failure are high in diabetic patients than in normal ones.

Important precautions to be undertaken

•    Not a single trace of gum disease must be left untreated before dental implant treatment in the diabetic patient.

•    Throughout the healing period, blood glucose level must be kept under control.

•    Patients who have just been diagnosed with diabetes and have tooth loss from an accident must initiate the implant procedure immediately. Delaying the treatment can increase the risks as well as dental implants cost in Melbourne.

•    Every patient is different. It is therefore recommended to seek medical help before considering dental implants to replace the missing tooth.

A Little about Dental Implant Melbourne:

Experienced and skilled surgeons at Dental Implant Professionals go to great lengths to ensure that you are happy with the results of your dental implant treatment, so that you can feel more confident and secure about yourself without feeling conscious about your missing tooth/teeth. To know more about best dental implants in Melbourne, visit or call 1300 320 881

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